Developmental Disability Service Provider

December 29, 2020

To: All Stakeholders, Families and Guardians of those supported by Duet,

I am pleased to report that as on today, we only have 5 people actively positive with
COVID. To date we have had 151 positive diagnoses between those Duet supports and

Now that the holidays, with potential large gatherings, are coming to a close, we feel we
can safely begin to re-open our day programs.

Our plan is to begin reopening at 30% capacity on January 11th. Someone from your day
services should be reaching out to you, if they have not already, and make plans. We plan
to increase the number of people attending each week with plans to be 100% open by
March 1st, 2021. If you wish to or for your loved one to return to their day site and you are
not contacted by January 5, 2021, please reach out to the manager of the location, or
contact me and we will work to accommodate your wishes.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities of the State of Nebraska asked for and was
granted an extension for Appendix K through March 5, 2021. This means that if your
loved one is not ready to return to a day service, we can continue to provide their service
in their homes. If your loved one lives with you and you do not want them to return, this
can continue without jeopardizing their placement. I realize that we support many people
with complex health issues and you may not be ready for them to return as early as
March 1st. We will do our best to work with everyone so that no one returns to the day
program until they are comfortable in doing so.

We have been notified that all of Duet’s employees who provide direct support and the
people that choose Duet to be their service provider will receive priority status to receive
the COVID vaccine. The state has prioritized people to receive it and Duet is in the first
group to get the vaccine. We are currently working with the Health Departments of our 5
counties to work out logistics. These vaccines are voluntary, but highly encouraged. Each
guardian will receive information and a consent form to complete. We do not have any
additional information at this time, but hope to have more details by early next week.

I want to thank each of you for your patience and understanding these past few months
as we have dealt with unprecedented situations the pandemic has presented. We hope
the worst is behind us and look forward to a better 2021.

Debbie Herbel,
Agency Executive Director

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Duet offers a range of services to support, nurture and guide Nebraskan children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities toward lives of independence. We work closely with individuals and their families to offer them customized, loving care that caters to their unique needs. Our mission is to support, encourage and empower people to lead lives of learning and fulfillment.


We offer a wide range of services to support the people we support by uniting and empowering together.


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