About Us

We are Duet

Nebraska's first community based service system program

A Little History Lesson...

More than 50 years ago, Nebraska’s government felt that institutionalized care was failing the people of our state with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

That’s when, in 1968, a group of passionate advocate parents who wanted something better for their children came together to start a new kind of compassionate care model for people who needed a helping hand.

The result was ENCOR, Nebraska’s first Community Based Service System program serving people who experience developmental and intellectual disabilities.

ENCOR was designed to help people find ongoing support customized to their unique needs and help them thrive independently throughout adulthood. ENCOR provided people with the tools they needed to learn new skills, live independently, find meaningful employment and live happy, healthy lives as contributing members of the community.  As ENCOR grew over the years, the organization expanded to serve people in five Nebraska counties.

Today renamed to Duet (which stands for “Develop, Unite, Empower, Together,”) we continue to provide day support centers, residential support, job coaching and employment opportunities, continuing education and community advocacy, and many other services.

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