Residential Support

Continuous Residential

For people that experience a developmental or intellectual disability who require around-the-clock care, we offer full residential support. Our clean, loving homes offer 24/7 personalized attention to people who need memory care, nursing care and/or who have mobility-related concerns. Our staff work closely with individuals to help increase their independence by teaching them how to complete routine daily tasks. Nursing staff (RNs, LPNs and CNAs) are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help address medical concerns. We coordinate with other agencies to provide any additional behavioral, occupational, psychological, or physical rehabilitation services as outlined in a person’s customized care plan.

Every person is unique and will want or need a different level of support.  For people who prefer to be supported 24 hours a day, we offer full, continuous residential services. Within our continuous residential services, we have different options. We have homes throughout the area that are hubs of daily activity. Individuals receiving services can expect to live in an inviting home and be as active in the community as desired! Our Direct Support Professionals will come along side and empower them to reach for dreams and independence.

Duet also has homes that can provide nursing support (RNs, LPNs and CNAs) to people that may need round-the-clock nursing care and still want to be a part of their community. We coordinate with the different medical and health professionals chosen by the person to provide comprehensive support in all aspects of their lives.         

Independent Living

One of the goals of Duet is to support people that experience a developmental or intellectual disability to live as independently as possible. For those people that do not want or need support 24/7, Duet offers independent living. Our team works with the individual to find a home, typically an apartment, that is affordable and in a part of our service area that works for them. If desired, Duet will also help to find a roommate that will be a great match. Direct Support Professionals will provide support as needed during evenings and weekends, so that each person is active and has meaningful involvement in their community.

In-Home Care

When a group environment isn’t the right choice for an adult with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, Duet offers in-home assistance where individuals live. In this situation, we create and implement a custom plan that can be adjusted to meet every unique need of those we support.

Shared Living Arrangements

Duet can coordinate shared living arrangements for those who might thrive in more of a family environment rather than a home with 3 to 4 people. Duet’s highly trained service providers work with people to provide any necessary support, welcoming them into their extended family.


We are able to provide transportation to people we support as needs arise. Sometimes transportation is included in a service package and sometimes there is an additional fee. Please inquire with a Duet staff member to learn more about our transportation services.